Meet the team!

The project sits within the University of Bath Department of Mechanical Engineering, employing a team of student volunteers who are developing the aircraft as part of their degrees. Between February and May 2023, eight members worked full-time to develop a theoretical design, before manufacture of this began over the summer. Since then the team has grown larger and is on track to finish building the aircraft in early 2024, before testing the design during a series of master's projects for a record attempt in the summer of 2024.
Dan Sykes
Project Lead and Founder
Systems Engineer, Integration, and Video Production
Dan is a final-year aerospace engineering student at the University of Bath, having worked as a Future Systems Engineer and GCN Engineer at Europe’s largest missile provider, MBDA. Dan developed several novel airframe proposals at MBDA, which included engaging with stakeholders to define use cases and requirements, and working with technical functions to design, build and test prototypes.
Max Jones
Aerodynamicist, Pilot and Founder
Marketing and Video Production
Max is in his final year of aerospace engineering at the University of Bath. Following a software development internship at Siemens DISW, he's honed a keen interest in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). This passion led him to spearhead a unique co-simulation project during his internship. Max has since applied his CFD expertise in both commercial and academic consultancy roles.
George King
Structures & Simulation Engineer
Marketing, Design and Video Production
George is a final year aerospace engineering student. He has a background in design and structural analysis, with software experience from an internship at Callen-Lenz, working on UAV code. Additionally, he has design experience from a year-long internship at 3P Innovation, a pharmaceutical machine engineering company. In his final year, he is applying Neural Nets to a multiscale FE simulation, to help understand the design requirements of the Kingfisher.
Josh Martin
Stability and Control Engineer
Regulations and Logistics
Josh recently completed a year-long placement at Callen-Lenz. He worked in the software and systems engineering departments, alongside three deployments with the flight trials team. Josh designed parts through the entire production cycle from design, manufacture and fitting for drones as well as designing real-time attitude visualisation tools and foreign function interfaces for the autopilot. He also completed tests and evaluations using hardware in the loop alongside flight tests.
Tim Li
Structures Engineer
Tim is returning from his placement at Cummins Turbo Technologies. During his placement, he delved into the manufacturability challenges of turbos and how turbo performance was affected by geometric tolerances of different components so that a specification could be created.
Thomas Gilmour
Propulsion & Performance Engineer
Tom recently completed his placement at Saietta where he worked on computational and mathematical modelling. With a keen interest in aviation, Tom is excited to apply his skills to the engineering testing and performance modelling.
Oliver Thomassen
Heat & Simulation Engineer
Oliver is a final year aerospace engineering student. He has completed work experience placements at both Alpine F1 team and GKN Aerospace focusing on validation testing and additive manufacturing. He is keen to develop a further understanding of the thermal management required for the Kingfisher.
Isaac Lopez
Avionics and Flight Software Engineer
Isaac is a final year mechanical and electrical engineering student at the University of Bath. He has completed summer and year-long placements working on orbital launch vehicles at Rocket Factory Augsburg and Orbex. Through these experiences, Isaac has designed flight software for safety-critical, real-time embedded systems. He has also gained extensive experience with hardware in the loop testbeds for software, control systems and hardware validation.
Anthony Haycock
Low-speed Flight Prototype
Anthony is a 2nd year aerospace engineering student at the University of Bath. With an interest in design, he has developed CAD skills in Fusion360 and Inventor Professional, with projects including the design of a foam RC model plane and a power transmission shaft. Following this, he is keen to learn more about design systems engineering and design methodologies.
Romesh Thayalan
Former Propulsion Engineer
Romesh completed a placement as an aerodynamicist on the front end at Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team. He analysed and developed the flowfield of the car using CFD and conducting wind tunnel tests, with designs progressing to the track. He also created tools to track and predict trends to follow for aerodynamic development.
Jamie Bradshaw
Former System Validation and Testing Engineer
Jamie recently completed a placement as an Aerodynamicist at the Aston Martin Formula One team, developing aerodynamic concepts and shapes to improve the car’s performance. Through his placement, he developed several new concepts and gained experience in wind tunnel operations and CFD analysis.

Technical Advisors

Carl Sangan
Academic Supervisor
Professor of Sustainable Propulsion & Power
at the University of Bath
George Smith
Manufacturing Advisor
PHD Research Student University of Bath Ι Team Bath Drones
Jake Compton
Propulsion Advisor
Thermodynamics Engineer at United Launch Alliance (ULA)
David Owens
Aerodynamics Advisor
Aerodynamics Engineer at MBDA
Steve Wright
Engineering Advisor
Senior Research Fellow in Avionics and Aircraft Systems at UWE
Jordan Cormack
Engineering Advisor
Consultant in Aerial Systems and Robotics
With huge thanks to Allison Gundrum and Joe Cox for their work on the Supersonic Concept.